International Business Services Ltd. ...

... was established in 2004. Its division ICON RIDGE ® (formerly Buy Premium Tools) has been created to collaborate with European manufacturers to providing our customers with sophisticated, high-quality tools and equipment.

If you’re like most North American manufacturers, you want to increase your productivity, improve the quality of your products and achieve greater efficiencies.  A key component of optimizing your manufacturing is to choose the right partner for tools, machinery and equipment.

Partnering with ICON RIDGE ® gives you:

  • A channel to purchase high quality equipment and replacement parts from well-established European companies
  • Guidance that ensures you select the best tools and equipment to address your specific manufacturing challenges
  • Customized consulting services that deliver process optimization and investment goods
Browse the wide range and variety of premium European equipment and tools! 

We successfully serve a variety of industries, including:

  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • Machine shops
  • Electrical and electronic
  • Mechanical
  • Transit and railway
  • Aircraft
  • Oil and gas

Let ICON RIDGE ® serve as your partner for finding sophisticated, high-quality European tools to super charge your operational efficiencies and optimization.